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Every SMB, entrepreneur, and corporation requires marketing services. Connecting Niagara provides the resource.

Our directories have been created with ease of use and finding just what you need, when you need it. If you are looking for a business not located on our pages, please let us know. This is the start to the directory - it will change daily until we have it complete. 

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Niagara Businesses 

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...and remember, we're adding to the list daily! 

Branding / Communications

180 Marketing

Brain Farm


Clearstone Consulting Inc.


Douglas Marketing Group

Feedback Live

Form & Affect

Hughes and Co.


Keith Overend

L Dunkley Communications 

Liszten Consulting

Loud and Clear

PRowl Communications | 905-734-8273

Prowl Communications

Publicita Online Marketing

Spritz Creative


Transmedia Marketing 905-834-1222



David Couch DubLi Team Leader

HeadStart Media

Lucrative Design Inc.

Reaction Internet

Graphic Design / Creative

Graphix Works

Intelligent Designs

Jade & Opal

Judsn Graphics 289-214-8355


Exhausted Media

Live on Request Technology Services Inc.

morro Images Inc.

Social Media

a Cue Creative  

PRowl CommunicationsPRowl Communications | 905-734-8273

Social media marketing, management and training services provided for Niagara businesses seeking to up their visibility on social media platforms. Enhancing the search for your perfect customer through social media conversation. Delivering the right message, at the right time, in the right place, to the right people, for the right reason. 

Valerie Chalmers Social Media Marketing

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  • Thanks Debi. I follow Connecting Niagara on Twitter and Facebook as well. It's nice to have a site that promotes local events and organizations. We appreciate the support and promotion of our event.
    ~ Dan M.


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