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Get On Your Bike and Ride - Bicycle Day

Posted Apr 19th, 2016 in Connecting Niagara, Cycling in Niagara

Get On Your Bike and Ride - Bicycle Day

This ad could be yours. Contact us.It's Bicycle Day - Get On Your Bike and Ride! 

The weather couldn't be better for a trip on your bike today. We say 'trip' on your bike because, while it sounds like Bicycle Day is just that - a day to celebrate bicycles and taking a ride. It is really more like taking a trip.

The day originated when Dr. Albert Hofmann accidentally experienced the effects of LSD during a bicycle ride home - a trip of absolute loneliness in a ghost town of sorts. 

While we in no way condone or promote this sort of 'trip', it is an interesting story on the origins of 'Bicycle Day'. And maybe, if we wouldn't have brought it to your attention, you would never have known. So if you prefer - go on celebrating the day as the day sounds and get on your bike and ride!

* Bicycle photo - Joanna Nurmis -

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