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A Music Blast from the Past - Rock at Brock

Posted Apr 26th, 2016 in Music Scene

A Music Blast from the Past - Rock at Brock

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Brock University hosted "Rock at Brock", "The Hideaway" was the place to be - a lot has changed in music over the years. 

by Andy Harris |

As with any large area, music venues come and go. Niagara region has been no different. As many youngsters enjoyed "Pop music" for the first time in the fifties and sixties by listening to vinyl and later radio, many bars and clubs reflected the trend by introducing live bands to their fans in the area.

Originally these clubs served snacks and pop but no alcohol, until the laws changed. In early 1971 the drinking age dropped from 21 to 18.

During these and later years such venues as "The Palace Theatre", "The Hideaway", "Power Plant" and "The Castle" in St. Catharines became teen mecca's and dominated the teen scene with regular live music acts.

In the seventies, arenas and, outdoor events saw big names visit the region. Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Rush, to name a few.

Neil Peart - JR Flood Brock University hosted "Rock at Brock" on September 20th 1970, on the football field. An estimated 7000 fans attended and bands included locals "J.R.Flood", Quebec's "Masmakhan" and Manitoba based "The Guess Who". Financial statements printed in the Brock Press show The Guess Who as the highest paid band at $7,500, and J. R. Flood earned the least at $120. Neil Peart of "Rush" fame was playing with "J.R. Flood" at this time. Other expenses included a hospital tent ($50.24), drinks and donuts for the stage crew ($20) and $30 worth of Australian brandy for the musical talent.

While there is still a very big live music scene in the area, small venues like clubs and bars provide a very different and personal "Vibe" allowing fans an up close perspective of some of their musical heros.

Andy HarrisAndy Harris has made an impact in Niagara with his extensive aerial coverage, as well as his knowledge of the local music scene. 

When drone photography and videography became popular several years ago, Andy Harris turned this emerging technology into a small business which now covers Southern Ontario. Offering affordable low level aerial photography and videography, he recently added media conversion to his repertoire and now converts VHS, Slides and audio tapes to digital, as well.

Lev8 Low Level Aerial Photography | @lev8lowlevel | LinkedIn | Facebook

Photos:  Top right: Brock Press - 'Rock at Brock', Neil Peart - JR Flood 

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