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A Message from the Mayor of Welland.

Posted May 3rd, 2016 in Municipal

A Message from the Mayor of Welland.

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Growth happening this spring in Welland.

Spring is here, and bringing with it exciting development projects. Development in a City is one of the rewards of strategically planning and restructuring economic planning. It takes years of commitment to build the hard and soft services that support residential, commercial and industrial prosperity.

Over the past decade, the land south of Webber Road looked much different than the urban landscape it is today. Just 10 short years ago, the Coyle Creek area housed nothing but crickets, but was part of a vision to become a vibrant residential community. Today, that area is thriving with development and new residents. The City’s Building Division issued more permits last year for new housing by 27.7% over the previous five year average. I believe that this is a strong indicator that our residential communities will continue to expand in 2016.

Residential areas are just a part of this year’s economic horizon, as Council approved 10 various Downtown and Health and Wellness Cluster Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Incentive applications in 2015. The City is investing in excess of $66,000.00 in direct CIP grants into 10 projects. The grants help relieve some of the financial barriers in building new facilities, adding to, or improving existing facilities. In addition to the direct CIP Grants, the City has approved Tax Increment Based Grants which will assist in reducing the increase in municipal and regional taxes resulting from constructing new facilities or additions to existing ones. A new gas bar and convenience store at the corner of Lincoln and King Streets, scheduled for construction, is a project which has received approval and support from Council to rebuild on the corner that once housed a similar facility. Permits for the project have been issued, along with approval for a Tax Increment Based Grant under the Health and Wellness Cluster CIP program which will result in a private sector investment of approximately $800,000.

The City has approved three applications under its Gateway Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The Northern Gold project has taken advantage of the Tax Increment Based Grant Program under this CIP which will result in a grant of approximately $2.2 million in tax savings over 10 years resulting in a private sector investment of $23.7 million. Northern Gold, once in operation, will employ 75 individuals.

Bertie and Clinton Insurance offices will be relocating to Niagara Street in Welland resulting in a private sector investment of $7.5 million.

Through the Welland Gateway CIP Plan, Hydac has expanded its facility. Bringing another five to six full-time jobs to Hydac.

All three projects receiving grants through the City’s Gateway CIP will be implementing Smart Growth Principles including energy conservation, reduced water consumption, extensive landscaping, cycling infrastructure etc.

Welland City Council has given staff the direction needed to work together and assist our business and commercial communities to grow an even more sustainable future for our residents, businesses, and visitors. Spring is definitely a sign for growth, and growth is definitely happening this spring in our beautiful City.

Welland crestMayor Frank Campion

Corporation of the City of Welland
60 East Main Street, Welland, ON L3B 3X4
Phone: 905 735-1700 Ext. 2101
Fax: 905 735-1543 

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