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Tell me please - where do those lost socks get to?

Posted May 9th, 2016 in Home and Garden

Tell me please - where do those lost socks get to?

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It is 'Lost Sock Memorial Day' - where do they go. 

by Debi Katsmar | @debisentyou

Really, a national day for lost socks?

In putting together the daily 'What's Happening in Niagara feature' for Connecting Niagara, I look to see what day we are celebrating today. Low and behold - today is 'Lost Sock Memorial' Day.  I really think we should go back to the days of the ringer washing machine - (yes, I'm old enough to remember these). I don't recall so many socks going missing then. 

So where do they go - the washing machine eats them of course! And, if for some reason the washer doesn't, the dryer does... 

And when I say the washing machine eats them, I mean it! I don't know how many times I have cleaned the trap on my front loading machine (obviously because the machine is no longer draining), and found a sock in the trap. No wonder the machine won't drain - the sock fills the trap. 

Funny, how every time I do laundry that song from 'Hee Haw' pops in to my head:

Where or where are you tonight?

Why did you leave me here all alone.

Here's a few tips for keeping those socks together:

  1. pin them together with safety pins and/or knitting stitch holders
  2. get a mesh laundry bag - put all socks inside before washing
  3. we're told bread clips work too
  4. strong magnets (might cause stains however)


     5. always buy the same style and colour of socks - then it won't matter other than some may look more worn than others. 

For those who are anal in this regard (like my father), here is a little trick to keep them matched - albeit a little time consuming:

For as long as I can remember, my father has worn only one style and brand of sock. He is anal about them being the exact match - not only that, but when he puts the socks on, they also have to always be on the same foot - so, my mother sits with a needle and thread and sews tiny beads on each sock near the top cuff, one bead on the left side for the left sock, one bead on the right side for the right sock. This way the socks always match and my father always puts them on the same foot! 

My solution - go barefoot! 

Tell us what you're solution for the 'lost sock'?

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