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Ontario Communities Celebrate Recreation and Parks Month in June

Posted Jun 1st, 2016 in Municipal, Awareness, Sports and Recreation

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On June 1, communities across Ontario will celebrate the launch of Recreation and Parks Month 2016.

On June 1, communities across Ontario will celebrate the launch of Recreation and Parks Month 2016. June is Recreation and Parks Month is recognized by municipalities, community organizations and schools as way of promoting the benefits of being active and how recreation and parks contribute to quality of life. This year, the theme for Recreation and Parks Month is Play Every Day - expressing the importance of fun and play through recreation and parks for healthy people and communities.

Everyone can participate in Recreation and Parks Month, from seniors walking groups to communities coming together for a festival or event. Recreation and Parks Month builds strong and vibrant communities and celebrates the spectacular parks and open spaces in Ontario. Recreation and parks also provides children with more opportunities for active play. It helps them discover their own strengths and to connect with their peers.

“Recreation and Parks Month encourages everyone to participate and to experience the many wonderful recreation programs and services in Ontario,” said Parks and Recreation Ontario CEO Larry Ketcheson.

“It also allows us to celebrate the benefits of play for healthy human development. Play isn’t just for kids; play helps everyone become more active.”

To learn more about Recreation and Parks Month, please visit  .

During Recreation and Parks Month, there are a number of celebrations that support opportunities for play.

June 4 is National Health and Fitness Day. It encourages local governments and other recreation and fitness providers to offer no-or low-cost programs and services on the first Saturday of June each year.
June is also Seniors’ Month in Ontario, and this year’s theme is Seniors Making a Difference. It recognizes how active seniors contribute to the health of their communities. 

This year, communities are encouraged to participate in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. This program supports individuals and communities that want to organize shoreline cleanups, whether on a lake, stream, river or ocean.

June is Recreation and Parks Month is a program of Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO). PRO is a non-profit association of leaders in recreation and parks that advances the healthy, social and environmental benefits of quality recreation and parks. For more information on PRO, please visit 

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