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On Friday, June 17th Today Is...

Posted Jun 17th, 2016 in Today Is

On Friday, June 17th Today Is...

Today Is with 91.7 GIANTFM

Eat Your Veggies Day, Apple Strudel Day and Flip Flop Day brought to you by Go Green E-Cycles.  


Go Green E-cycles

Flip Flop Day

Did you know people have been wearing Flip Flops since 4000BC? I guess these will never go out of style if they've been around that long. Wow! 

veggiesEat Your Veggies Day

Another excuse to eat healthy! With this week already having Fresh Veggie Day, you would think there is a theme here. But not to worry for those who like to indulge, yesterday was fudge day, and see below -- today is apfelstrudel day. 

apple strudelApple Strudel Day

The Austrian's had it right with this awesome treat or one of my favourites for breakfast. Enjoy an apple strudel today, imagine yourself in the Alps of Austria and let the yodeling begin!

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