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Road Resurfacing program underway in Fort Erie

Posted Jun 22nd, 2016 in Municipal

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This year, the Town has identified 13km of roads being rehabilitated as part of its five-year Road Resurfacing program.

With summer underway, so marks the beginning of the Town’s annual Road Resurfacing program. This year, the Town has identified 13km of roads being rehabilitated as part of its five-year Road Resurfacing program.

“Fort Erie’s Infrastructure Services department oversees the construction, operation, repair and maintenance of 820km of roads in Fort Erie,” said Kelly Walsh, Director of Infrastructure Services. “The Town uses a number of methods to determine which streets will be resurfaced such as current road conditions, age, future infrastructure improvements and traffic volumes. Each year we assess the road system and make a list of priorities as part of our five-year planning process.”

The Road Resurfacing program generally includes two forms of road rehabilitation: surface treatment and hot-mix asphalt. Surface treatment (also called tar and chip) is typically done in rural areas and is a two-year process. Hot-mix asphalt is typically done in urban environments such as residential neighbourhoods and downtown core areas.

In the 2016 Capital Budget, Town Council allocated $850,000 to the Roads Resurfacing program. An additional $403,100 was also approved in the supplemental budget based on staff recommendations; thus allowing certain road sections originally identified in the 2017 program to be completed in 2016. Therefore, the total Roads Resurfacing program budget for 2016 is $1,253,100.

Mayor Wayne Redekop says the Town has been working hard to maintain its infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. “Fort Erie is committed to reinvesting in our roads to avoid the dangers of widening the infrastructure gap further. We need to act now, while we still have time, in order to better position ourselves for the future. Council will continue to leverage and stretch the dollars committed to renewing our roads infrastructure."

Residents and business owners whose street has been selected for resurfacing will receive a hand-delivered Road Resurfacing Program Notice approximately two weeks before construction begins.

Motorists are reminded to obey all signs and traffic control personnel during these construction projects. Since traffic may be reduced to one lane from time to time in these projects, obeying signals and workers helps to ensure everyone’s safety.

For a complete list of roads identified in the five-year Road Resurfacing program, visit Please note that streets could be added to or deleted from the program without prior notice from the Town.

For more information about the Road Resurfacing program, please contact George Stojanovic, Engineering Manager, at 905-871-1600, ext. 2402 or

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