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On Monday, June 27th, Today is

Posted Jun 27th, 2016 in Today Is

On Monday, June 27th, Today is

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Please Take My Children to Work Day, Sunglasses Day, PTSD Awareness Day, Orange Blossom Day, Pineapple Day & Industrial Workers of the World Day


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Wow - so many national days today. Which will you celebrate? 

Please, Take My Children to Work Day

This one is kind of funny I think - it isn't take your children to work day, it's PLEASE take MY children to work day. I'm sure mom's and dad's everywhere are hopeful of someone giving them a break for the day by taking their children to work for the day. But, the real question is, will it really happen. If you had a choice, would you take another person's children to work with you for the day? 

Sunglasses Day

How many sunglasses do you have? Do you have a different set for various wardrobes? for sports, for driving? I have the everyday pair and the incognito pair - you know to hide all those dark circles from too many hours at the computer. 

PTSD Awareness Day (U.S.)

Today is #PTSD Awareness Day. Help spread the word and raise awareness about PTSD treatments. Join the national conversation at Everyone can contribute. Learn more at the National Center for PTSD web site. 

Pineapple Day and Orange Blossom Day

What would a day be without fruit? 

Industrial Workers of the World Day

Thank someone working in the industrial sector today. After all, if it weren't for them our cars wouldn't be built, nor would the equipment that manufactures almost everything we use in our daily lives. 

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