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On Tuesday, June 28th, Today Is...

Posted Jun 28th, 2016 in Today Is

On Tuesday, June 28th, Today Is...

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Insurance Awareness Day, Body Piercing Day, Paul Bunyan Day, Tapioca Day


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Wow - so many national days today. Which will you celebrate? 

Insurance Awareness Day

We all hate it, we all need it, we all love to complain about the cost of it. But when we need it, we all love it, we all thank the heavens above we had it! Insurance -- take a moment to review your policies and give your agent a call to say thanks for protecting you! 

Body Piercing Day

Personally, I have never wanted a piercing in any other place but my ears. That being said, many find this a great form of self-expression and constantly add to their piercings. Do you have piercings? If not are you considering it? 

Paul Bunyan Day

Well I don't know about Paul Bunyan Day, but as a teen (dating myself), we celebrated Hoser Day - Paul Bunyan - the image we all call to mind when referring to lumberjacks I think. I tend to think of Paul Bunyan when watching the Fergus Highland Games. Really though, I would much rather celebrate the antics of Bob and Doug Mckenzie.

"The power of the force has stopped you, you hosers"

Good Day eh?

Tapioca Day

Well this is one of those foods that just looks weird, if not gross - but in reality it tastes great. As kids, my brothers and I called it fish eggs and couldn't for the life of us understand why we had to eat it. As an adult, I struggle to find a good Tapioca pudding - that is without going to the trouble of making it myself. Who has time for that? 

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