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On Wednesday, July 6th Today Is

Posted Jul 6th, 2016 in Today Is

On Wednesday, July 6th Today Is

Today Is with 91.7 GIANTFM

Today is Fried Chicken Day, Umbrella Cover Day, Kissing Day and Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day


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Fried Chicken Day

If you ask me, this day is a few days late - as a staple at back yard barbecues and picnics on holiday weekends. I think they missed the boat on this one. Either way, there's always an excuse to eat fried chicken. 

Umbrella Cover Day

Really - Umbrella Cover Day? Who has a cover for their umbrella? Wait, I don't even own an umbrella. I find it hard to believe there is a day for this, but apparently there is. Maybe it originates in England or another rainy area of the world. If I did have an umbrella and it came with a cover - knowing me, the first time I took the cover off, would be the last time I ever saw it. 

Kissing Day 

Now you could have some real fun with this one. Kissing Day - interesting. Reminds me of being a kid, living in Guelph. My neighbours and one of my best friends at the time, (I was 8), had Siberian Huskies - his dad raced them. Anyway, the leader of the pack was named Sam I believe. We called him the kissing dog - he was always giving everyone kisses whether they wanted one or not. A nice, sloppy, tongue in face - dog kiss.  

Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

Ok - this is my kind of day!  Given how much time I spend building websites, keeping them up-to-date and ensuring engaging content - lunch would be awesome on any given day. Most days, I'm attached to this computer keeping Connecting Niagara current and interesting as well as working on client projects. So lunch today - that would be awesome - hint! hint! 

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