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On Friday, July 15th Today is...

Posted Jul 15th, 2016 in Today Is

On Friday, July 15th Today is...

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Today is I Love Horses Day, Pet Fire Safety Day, Give Something Away Day, Gummy Worm Day and Tapioca Day.  


Go Green E-Cycles

I Love Horses Day

This one I can relate to big time! If you know me, you know I love horses. Having taught riding lessons and operating a trail ride business for years - I definitely miss it. My only activity with horses now is as President of the Upper Canada Equestrian Association - an organization dedicated to the preservation of trails, trail riding safety and enjoying riding the trails on their horses. Horses are such a big part of our history and now many think of them as pets, not the work 'horse' they once were. Many of my friends do have their horses for work - but even that is not the hard work of yester year. For example; Tom Bishop and his Wild West Show (I'm sure many of you have seen the show at local festivals). Not only do they entertain with the likes of Smilin' Dan and rope tricks, Bishop's horses are also used in movings and TV shows like 'The Murdoch Mysteries'. Other friends show their horses earning dollars for the prizes they win and some operate the carriage rides in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls. The one thing they all have in common is they 'love horses'.  (photo: my horse Maxx and I at the Grape and Wine Parade in 2009) 

pet safety stickersPet Fire Safety Day

Pet safety is always a concern especially in a fire. Animals sense danger quicker than we do and go into hiding. We have a sticker on our doors and windows telling emergency personnel we have pets inside. A good practice should a fire happen in your home. 

Give Something Away Day

We all have something to give away - no longer wanted in our home, but useful or valuable to someone else. And, if not -- maybe your time can be given a way - volunteer for even an hour. It will help someone dramatically. 

Gummy Worm Day

Nothing to say on this one, I don't like the jiggly things...

Tapioca Day 

I think we already had a tapioca day - I remember commenting about fish eggs once before -- who makes up these days anyway? 

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  • Thanks Debi. I follow Connecting Niagara on Twitter and Facebook as well. It's nice to have a site that promotes local events and organizations. We appreciate the support and promotion of our event.
    ~ Dan M.


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