Business Education Council of Niagara to Wind Down Operations by March 31, 2017

Posted Jul 20th, 2016 in Programs, Business

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Over the past 5-years program changes, combined with the loss of programs has limited BEC’s capacity to operate.

St. Catharines, ON (July 19, 2016) - The Board of Directors of the Business Education Council of Niagara (BEC) has decided to wind down its operations by March 31, 2017.

“This was an extremely difficult decision by the Board and it was made only after an exhaustive review and a great deal of consideration,” said Snezana Popov, the President of BEC. “The Board is sincerely grateful to all the committed staff that work tirelessly to deliver programs on behalf of our funders to improve the lives of our clients and to support our community partners in programming.”

Over the past 5-years program changes, combined with the loss of programs has limited BEC’s capacity to operate.

By selecting March 31, 2017, BEC intends to close out its current programs while supporting the transition of its clients to other programs.

“The support that we have received over the years from the community and our funders has been tremendous,” Popov said. “We are fully committed to working with them to find new avenues of support for our clients.”

About BEC:
Business Education Council of Niagara (BEC) has a long history of service to the community. Formed in 1987 as the Niagara Peninsula Industry Education Council, BEC is a non-profit corporation that initiates active communication and partnership between business, education, government and community organizations to address challenges in Niagara. In addition to relationships with Niagara's school systems, BEC provides employment support services for Niagara's unemployed and provides the infrastructure support for a variety of community projects.


  • Jennifer Benstead on Nov 11th, 2016
    Hi It's my understanding that the MTCU is responsible for the closing of the BEC ( Business Education Council) in st Catherine's Ontario. I am wondering why you are closing this job search/employment help center in February 2017 when there are thousands of people out of work? It doesn't make sense. I realize that the people who make these decisions are usually the ones who have no idea what it is like to need these resources. So allow me to enlighten you. The unemployed people who live in st Catharine's and nearby cities need this resource to help us find jobs. We live on government assistance ( below the poverty level). We need access to job search places like the BEC to fax resumes to employers, get copies of resumes, search job banks on the computers. We can't afford our own computers, fax machines, or photocopiers. If you close this resource, where are we supposed to go to get help finding work? What are supposed to do just sit on government assistance for the rest of our lives? Please reconsider this stupid decision to close the BEC. Thanks Jennifer
  • Joyce Rustenburg on Feb 2nd, 2018
    Sad to see you go. A valuable service.

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  • Connecting Niagara does just that. They put me in touch with key representatives in the area that understood what I was trying to achieve. Together we achieved so much more.
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