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On Wednesday, August 17 Today Is...

Posted Aug 17th, 2016 in Today Is

On Wednesday, August 17 Today Is...

Today Is with 91.7 GIANTFM

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and Thrift Shop Day


905 Rentals

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Are you superstitious? I once had a black cat named Zepplin. She was half Siamese if you can believe it.. As a kitten she had the sleek lines of a siamese cat. As she aged, that went away. The one thing that didn't go away was the Siamese cry or meow.  If you've ever head a Siamese cat 'cry', they sound like a baby. Another of our cats once escaped the house and climbed a tree, then couldn't get down. We found her because there was a crowd of people under the tree all looking up trying to see the 'baby' in the tree...   Anyway, living with a black cat for so many years -- superstitious me? nope - well at least not when it comes to black cats. 

Thrift Shop Day

There are some awesome finds at thrift shops -- do you shop in one? maybe donate to them? 

Visit 905 Rentals at the flyboard demo tonight in Jordan! 

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