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Local Developer Could Save Up to $1M in Brownfield Development Costs

Posted Sep 14th, 2016 in Municipal, fort erie

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 Town Council approved a Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant application for Marz Homes, committing the Town to 55% of the potential $1 million in savings.

Marz Homes could save up to $1 million thanks to funding programs developed by the Town and Region. On September 6, 2016, Town Council approved a Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant application for Marz Homes, committing the Town to 55% of the potential $1 million in savings.  

“Town Council and Staff are very happy to support Marz Homes as it continues to expand their business in Fort Erie.” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “We are pleased that we are able to help Marz Homes offset its additional costs associated with developing its award-winning project on a brownfields. This Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program is just one example of the many incentive programs the Town uses to encourage development and growth in Fort Erie.”

On July 25, 2016, Marz Homes applied for the Town’s Brownfields Remediation Grant Program, which is a component of the Town’s Brownfields Community Improvement Plan. This is the first application for the Brownfields CIP since its creation in September 2010. The application was in relation to Phase II of its Southcoast Village subdivision project in Ridgeway, which is slated to be developed on a brownfield.

A brownfield is an abandoned, vacant, derelict, idled or underutilized property in the urban area of the Town with the potential for redevelopment; however, development is often complicated by real or perceived environmental contamination. Brownfields can represent an environmental, economic or social concern.

The purpose of the Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program is to encourage the remediation, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of brownfield sites by providing grants to help compensate for additional rehabilitation costs normally associated with brownfield sites. To qualify for the Brownfield CIP, applications must be approved by the Town prior to remediation being initiated unless authorized by Council.

In order to continue with its preferred development timeline, Marz Homes requested Council’s authorization on August 8 to proceed with works prior to receiving approval for its application of the Brownfields Rehabilitation Grant Program. During the August 8 Council meeting, Town Council voted to support a resolution that allowed Marz Homes to commence work, while still being considered for the grant program.

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