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How to throw the “paw-fect” Halloween party

Posted Oct 21st, 2016 in Arts & Crafts, Home and Garden

How to throw the “paw-fect” Halloween party

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Include your pet in on the fun with these tips for hosting the “paw-fect” Halloween party

(NC) Everyone loves a good Halloween party with delicious treats and creative costume tricks. Include your pet in on the fun with these tips for hosting the “paw-fect” Halloween party:

  1. Get creative with costumes. Some pets don't enjoy dressing up, so stick with the theme by encouraging pet parents to dress up as animals. Check online for inspiration and remind guests the costume doesn't need to be complicated, just fun. Offer best costume prizes as an incentive to make sure everyone gets dressed up. Never force a furry friend into a costume.
  2. Host a gift exchange. Ask pet parents to giftwrap their pet's favourite toy and treat. During the party ask all human and pet guests to sit in a circle and place their gifts in the middle. Assign all human guests numbers and have them select a present in order until everyone has a gift. If you have dogs, cats, and other pets attending, set up different piles according to pet type so everyone receives an appropriate gift.
  3. Set up different play areas. Dogs and cats need variety, so help keep them happy and active with various play areas. If the weather permits, set up a running area so dogs and owners can play fetch. For cats, consider setting up a cat treehouse with different levels for them to roam through. Be sure to also set up an area with both cat and dog toys to encourage interaction between pets.4. Create the perfect feast. Make sure all your guests enjoy a delicious and heathy banquet. Include a variety of pet treats and different dry and wet foods. Try a mix of dry and wet food to improve urinary tract health, promote organ function, and increase hydration.
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