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CIP Program Contributed to Over $1.75M in Private Investments

Posted Nov 11th, 2016 in Municipal, Programs, Business, fort erie

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If you have a business in the Bridgeburg, Ridgeway or Stevensville Downtown Core Area, you could be eligible for the CIP program.

In 2016, 11 Fort Erie businesses participated in the Town’s Downtown Core Area Community Improvement Plan (CIP) program. The CIP program is a financial incentive program that is designed to stimulate private sector investment in order to enhance the quality, presentation and maintenance in the downtown core areas. It also encourages property owners to consider opportunities to introduce residential dwellings on upper levels or in back portions of commercial uses.

“These programs show our commitment to support the traditional downtown core area business communities,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. "When participating in these programs, property owners can receive financial support in the form of grants, and professional guidance from Town staff while they are in the early stages of planning the projects."

Since January 2015, over $300K in grants has been allocated by the Town (80%) and Region (20%) to assist 28 property owners in enhancing and/or transforming their buildings from vision to reality. Thanks to the CIP incentive program and its participants, a total of $1.75M (approx.) has been invested in revitalizing the Bridgeburg and Ridgeway downtown core areas. Due to the growing interest of the CIP program, the Town added Stevensville to its program in 2016, and is looking to expand even further to include downtown core areas such as Southend and Crystal Beach in 2017/2018.
“According to an evaluation survey completed by 14 participants, all but one person stated that incentive programs like these prompted them to act sooner, rather than later in undertaking their project. We are operating on a first-come, first-serve basis for applications still, and with funding that fluctuates annually, it’s always best to take advantage of these opportunities while they are available,” said Chris Millar, Neighbourhood Planner.
If you have a business in the Bridgeburg, Ridgeway or Stevensville Downtown Core Area, you could be eligible for the CIP program. To learn more about the CIP program or to see if you qualify, please call or email Chris Millar, Neighbourhood Planner and Project Manager, at 905-871-1600 ext. 2503 or .

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