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Posted Nov 21st, 2016 in Municipal, welland

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The City of Welland launched its new user-friendly website today. The website, located at, has
a fresh new look, improved navigation, and is far more adaptable to mobile devices. Creating a current
and responsive website is an initiative resulting from the municipality’s efforts to improve
communications and engagement with residents, and enhance the quality and availability of information
and resources.

Welland City Council recently reconfirmed its strategic priorities and identified communications as one of
those priorities. Redeveloped in-house, the website team created a more efficient website that meets the
needs of its users. Working in collaboration with departmental staff and community feedback, the new
website offers improved customer service while engaging its users. New functions and features include:

  • New Municipal Brand
  • Restructured Menu System
  • Improved Interface
  • Improved Navigation
  • Fully Accessible
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Emphasis on Key Messages
  • Easy Access to Social Media
  • City Staff Identification Verification
  • Quick A-Z Search
  • 360 Photo Viewer

“We’re evolving into a “smart city” and using advances in digital technology to become better connected
with and responsive to residents,” said Mayor Frank Campion. “The new website was engineered to
accommodate today’s user, and will grow and evolve with the users of tomorrow because technology is
continuously developing.”

“Our new website will be a great resource for residents and businesses,” said CAO Gary Long. “It will also
help us market Welland to potential residents and investors, and it is an integral part of the City’s
rebranding strategy.”

To access to the new City of Welland website visit for more information and City services

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  • Thanks Debi. I follow Connecting Niagara on Twitter and Facebook as well. It's nice to have a site that promotes local events and organizations. We appreciate the support and promotion of our event.
    ~ Dan M.


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