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Posted May 25th, 2017 in Awareness


Connecting Niagara banner - flood warning

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority issues flood warning due to rainfall today and tomorrow. 

This notice is intended to update the public and local municipalities of the condition of Lake Ontario as it relates to the Niagara Peninsula and the eastern portion of the City of Hamilton.

The Niagara Peninsula is forecasted to receive 25 to 35mm of rain through Friday.  Water levels in riverine systems are well below critical thresholds and are not expected to be impacted by the forecasted rain. However, with this passing low-pressure system, the forecasted North-Easterly sustained winds across Lake Ontario may produce storm surge and wave action that could worsen the existing high water conditions.

During this time, there is an increased risk of backshore flooding, shoreline flooding and shoreline erosion resulting from storm surge and increased wave action. Strong winds from the northeast are forecasted for Thursday, beginning in the early morning until late evening. Residents living along Lake Ontario from Hamilton to Niagara-on-the-Lake are urged to exercise caution near the lakefront and to monitor meteorological conditions, paying particular attention to wind direction and speed.

There has been a significant amount of rainfall experienced this spring in the Lake Ontario basin. The water level in Lake Ontario is presently at 75.86m. This is the highest water level recorded since 1918.  Lake Ontario water levels are expected to continue to rise slightly through May.

The NPCA will continue to monitor these conditions and will issue further messages as required. Information on the Flood Status in the watershed and water levels within the streams can be found on the NPCA’s website at:​ 

This notice is in effect until Friday, May 26th, 2017 and will be updated as required.

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  • A great community service to keep everyone informed. Thank you for this!
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