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Welland offers $100 incentives for residents to purchase a Flowie water sensor

Posted Nov 6th, 2017 in Municipal, Programs, Home and Garden, welland

Welland offers $100 incentives for residents to purchase a Flowie water sensor

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The City of Welland is taking a smarter approach to assisting consumers with water conservation and leak detection. City Council approved a partnership with Alert Labs to assist Welland residents with the purchase of real-time water sensors. Alert Labs is a unique Ontario based company committed to water conservation through technology.

The City of Welland is offering $100 incentives for residents to purchase a Flowie water sensor. The regular price of Flowie is $259, along with a $49 annual monitoring fee. The first 100 Welland residents to participate in the Flowie Incentive Program can purchase Flowie for $159 and will receive one year of monitoring for free.

flowie water sensor strapThe Flowie water sensor straps onto residential and commercial water meters. It detects water usage and sends alerts to the customer's phone when it identifies high or unusual water consumption. The Flowie can also detect silent water leaks, frozen pipes, temperature drops, and high humidity. It also generates detailed water usage reports and continues to work during a power outage.

"Residential water meters in the City of Welland are currently read and billed quarterly.  As a direct consequence, staff's ability to provide up-to-date consumption data lags up to three months," said Erik Nickel, Acting General Manager of Infrastructure Services.  "A customer's ability to receive early notification of possible water leaks is not a service the city currently offers customers; however, with the installation of the Flowie, customers can be alerted of leaks immediately."

Residents are urged to take advantage of the Flowie Incentive Program and contact Alert Labs directly with inquiries or to purchase the real-time water meter sensor online at .

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