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Recipe: A Simple Sandwich with Gourmet Flavours

Posted Oct 8th, 2018 in Recipes

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A simple sandwich recipe with ingredients including peaches, maple smoked comfort cream cheese and fresh basil.

creamy mac and cheese

Grilled Peach, Maple Smoked Comfort Cream & Basil Sandwich

The calendar may be telling us that summer is ending, but I'm not paying attention. I'm not ready to let summer go. I am enjoying this warm weather. If you are not ready to see summer go, ignore the calendar with us and make a Grilled Peach, Maple Smoked Comfort Cream and Basil Sandwich. This simple grilled sandwich will help you savour the final moments of summer and is a healthy alternative for school lunches if you have students at home.

The sandwich ingredients are simple… whole grain bread, peaches, our very own maple smoked comfort cream and some fresh basil. When combined it makes for a delicious summer sandwich.

peaches in a basked with maple smoked comfort cream cheese

I locally sourced the peaches. There are plenty of peach farms in the Niagara Region and Upper Canada Cheese Company is located in the heart of farming country at Jordan Station. Fruit stands are a plenty around our little establishment. Depending on the size of the peach, generally each sandwich takes two peaches that are skinned and sliced.

We even grow various produce at Upper Canada Cheese to share with the staff. I was able to use some fresh basil from our gardens for this recipe. Remember to wash and remove the whole leaves from their stems.

Our Maple Smoked Comfort Cream is the feature of this sandwich. Maple Smoked Comfort Cream has been cold smoked with maple chips to create a one-of-a-kind cheese.  It is the same cheese as Comfort Cream, but is not ripened as long to preserve the creamy texture after it has been smoked. If there are family members who have trouble digesting milk products, have them try this cheese… it’s made with natural A2 milk from our Guernsey cows. There is more information on this revolutionary milk in previous blogs.

Take two slices of your favourite whole grain rye bread and slather each outside with butter. Then build your sandwich by layering the sliced maple smoked comfort cream and the peaches and a few of the basil leaves. Finally grill the sandwich on your barbecue outdoors while relishing our last weeks of warm weather. As the cheese melts into the peaches, the maple smoked goodness is amplified. This can be enjoyed warm and fresh off the grill or cooled in the fridge to be packed in school lunches for the next day.

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