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Caffeinated Energy Drinks Recalled for High Levels of Caffeine

Posted Dec 23rd, 2023 in Awareness, Recalls

RECALL: caffeinated energy drinks may be unsafe due to caffeine content and labelling issues

energy drink recall

Concerns Over Caffeine Content and Labelling

Attention, consumers: a significant recall of various brands of caffeinated energy drinks is currently underway. The primary concerns involve inconsistencies in caffeine content and lapses in labelling standards.

energy drink recalledWhat Actions Should You Take?

  • If you've experienced illness after consuming any of these products, please contact your healthcare provider immediately.
  • Check your purchases for any recalled items.
  • Avoid consuming, serving, selling, or distributing these products.
  • Dispose of or return recalled products to the place of purchase.
  • Report any instances of recalled products still being sold to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).
  • When purchasing food items online, ensure they meet Canadian standards.

Identifying Non-Compliant Products

To identify potentially unsafe energy drinks and mixes, look for:

Caffeine Levels: In Canada, the permissible limit is 180mg per single serving.
Labelling: Products should have bilingual labels. Unilingual labels or labels missing English or French indicate non-compliance.
Cautionary Statements: These are essential for making informed choices.


Health Warnings

High caffeine intake can be particularly harmful to children, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, and those sensitive to caffeine. Side effects may include insomnia, irritability, headaches, and nervousness, especially when combined with physical exercise.

Additional Information

Recall Background: The CFIA, aided by Health Canada's health risk assessments, is conducting an ongoing investigation into these products. Many of these items were imported and sold by third parties, not intended for the Canadian market.
Safety Measures: The CFIA is actively ensuring the removal of these products from the market. They are working in conjunction with Health Canada to address these compliance issues.
Alternate Options: There are compliant energy drink options available in Canada. These adhere to the caffeine limits and labelling requirements.

Staying Informed

Recall Notifications: Sign up for email notifications and follow relevant social media channels for updates.
Report Concerns: If you have any food safety or labelling concerns, report them.

Learn More: Visit the CFIA website for a complete list of affected items and detailed explanation of the food safety investigation and recall process.

Similar Recalls

Mindblow brand Energy drinks for non-permitted ingredients.
Mateína brand Yerba Mate Sparkling Energy Infusions for caffeine labelling issues.
G Fuel brand Energy Drinks for excessive caffeine levels.

Stay informed and safe by adhering to these guidelines and keeping up-to-date with the latest recall information. Your health and safety are paramount.

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