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Meet Our Writers

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Connecting Niagara offers articles of interest to the people and businesses of Niagara. 

Each one of our contributors has a story to tell for the benefit of the people, businesses and community of Niagara. Learn about our writers and their stories: 

  • Valerie Chalmers

    Valerie Chalmers recently began looking for people around Niagara who contribute positively to the community. The result a series of articles, some of which you will find within the pages of Connecting Niagara.
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  • Laura Dunkley

    Laura Dunkley lends a helping hand whenever she can to help build a greener, healthier community here in Niagara.
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  • Andy Harris

    Andy Harris has made an impact in Niagara with his extensive aerial coverage, as well as his knowledge of the local music scene.
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  • Debi Katsmar

    Debi Katsmar has lived her life helping others in business and the community -- truly a Niagara Ambassador.
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  • Tom Liszt

    Tom's Motto: "Don't worry about the rain, 'cause I'll bring my own sunshine."
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  • Rick Smith

    Rick has made it his mission to educate and help business through the complicated and expensive mine field of credit and debit card processing.
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  • James Symons

    Stories from the community by James Symons, for the love of being involved.
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  • Tara Tellier

    Tara's health was the driving force behind her career in natural nutrition.
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  • A great community service to keep everyone informed. Thank you for this!
    Louise M.


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