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And we're LIVE - Check out Connecting Niagara!

Posted Mar 31st, 2016 in Connecting Niagara

And we're LIVE - Check out Connecting Niagara!

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After many, many hours, Connecting Niagara's new website is LIVE! Check it out!

by Debi Katsmar | PRowl Communications

Here we are - as promised on March 31st, 2016, the all-NEW Connecting Niagara website is live. Something we had planned for the end of December, but put on hold in order to put together ConnectFest Niagara in February. Since the February event, we have been working on building and adding to this website to help keep Niagara connected with news, information, events, business directories and stories from in and around Niagara and its people! 

While we had hoped to have the business directories completed filled, it is a lot of work to add all the businesses of Niagara to the site. We have approximately, 2000 businesses in the alphabetical listing at the moment. You can help us by submitting your free listing. We will be building each of the category databases in order of the free listings received. The business directories should change daily - be sure to check back often.  

Now, we require your help in submitting your events, stories and press releases! 

Our vision is in providing a resource for Niagara to find what they are looking for. We will add to the site daily, but the success of the website and our social sites will greatly depend on you --  the people of Niagara, to make sure you are aware of your events, your business, a unique story and your requests. And yes, your advertising as well! 

While we love being a Niagara Ambassador, we do have to earn a living too. Your advertising helps to keep us sitting at the computer promoting Niagara, you and your business. Packages are very affordable and will benefit all! Contact us for more information. 

Our Difference

Yes, we agree! There are quite a few websites like this one. All providing a valuable service to the residents of Niagara. How are we different?

We truly love to share information.

Connecting Niagara has been sharing information for almost six years, without a fee. We allow anyone to post to our facebook page if they need the public to know about an event, information, project, fundraiser, etc. We even promote offers from local businesses. We then share the information to our network. Did you know @connectniagara has over 5000 followers on twitter? Combined with all of our facebook, twitter and other social sites - our reach is extensive! 

We cover everything. 

The Connecting Niagara website has local news, local events, local offers, local business directories, local stories, contests and guest writers. We have not one but four events calendars for general events, business events, nightlife and sports and recreation events (mind you there is not much in the last calendar as of yet - we'll work on this shortly). You can help by sending us your events to add to the calendars. It's free - unless you want a display ad or to be featured on the website. 


So why have we created the website? To provide even more than we already do to the residents of Niagara! Our social sites are good, but now we offer so much more!

Our mission is and always has been:

To bring people, business and the community together! 

Get Involved! Help us share! 

Take a good look around the website - comment, tell us what you love, what we're lacking, what we can do to improve it, and hopefully you will see the value and join those who have already committed to advertise with us. 

We would like to thank a Cue Creative, Dainty Dusters Cleaning Service, Liszten Consulting, and Ontario Cottage Coppers for taking the early plunge! We've added a few others in to the mix to show where ads can go! Also, thank you to Andy Harris, Laura Dunkley, and Mayor Dave for the submissions so far. All three will be contributing on a regular basis. We've been talking to many more about providing monthly articles as well. If you're interested, contact us! 

Which reminds us -- the 'this ad can be yours' everywhere will go away soon! We wanted the businesses of Niagara to see what is available to promote their business! 

For the everyday citizen -- be sure to share our stories, and comment! We love to hear from you with the good, the bad and the ugly! -- and so do our writers. 

If you have any questions or would like more information:

Contact Us

This message could be about your business. Ask us.

  • Connecting Niagara does just that. They put me in touch with key representatives in the area that understood what I was trying to achieve. Together we achieved so much more.
    - John B.


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