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On Thursday, June 23rd Today is...

Posted Jun 23rd, 2016 in Today Is

On Thursday, June 23rd Today is...

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Public Service Day, Pink Day, Let It Go Day, Pecan Sandies Day, and Hydration Day


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Public Service Day

Today is the day to thank those who provide essential services for all of us. Make a point of saying thank you when you're out and about today. 

Pink Day

Are you man- or woman enough to wear pink today? We're not quite sure what this day is all about, but what the heck, wear pink anyway... 

Pecan Sandies Day

We had to look this one up. Apparently it's a cookie. So bake away and be sure you're using pecans. 

Let it Go Day

Today is the day to let it go! Stop dwelling on the past, the negative, the things that bug you most and just let it go. You'll feel much better for it! 

Hydration Day

Thirsty? This day is just a reminder to stay hydrated during the heat of summer. Fill your water bottle before you head out for the day and keep filling it throughout the day. 

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