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Fort Erie Launches e-Newsletter to Enhance Communications

Posted Sep 13th, 2016 in Municipal, fort erie

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Starting in October, the Town will be launching a new corporate newsletter.

In a world full of information overload, social media and smartphones, communicating effectively has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, the Town is taking a number of steps in order to strengthen its ability to efficiently communicate Town activities in a cost-effective and non-intrusive manner.

Starting in October, the Town will be launching a new corporate newsletter. The newsletter will be published monthly and will provide information on key projects, upcoming events, and important reminders. It is designed to provide the reader with quick updates with the option to learn additional information, if desired. Since the newsletter is an important component to enhancing communications with the Fort Erie community, any person who subscribes before midnight on September 30 will be entered into a draw for one of three, $50 gift cards to a restaurant or retail business, of their choice, located in Fort Erie.

To save on costs, the newsletter will be available in electronic format and will be subscription-based, which means a reader will have to subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive it. Once subscribed, the newsletter will be delivered to the reader via email, which will allow them to access the newsletter at a time that is most convenient to them. The reader will also receive time-sensitive updates on issues affecting the Town of Fort Erie.  

“We are taking a different approach on the type of content we’re including in the newsletter,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop. “The Town newsletter will be driven exclusively by events and initiatives on the corporate side of Town Hall and will be based on the ongoing activities of Town departments that directly affect the members of our community such as our tree removal programs, road resurfacing work, bylaw enforcement and seasonal reminders.”

“The newsletter will allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Tom Kuchyt, CAO. “For example, the Town recently primed all the fire hydrants white before painting the appropriate colours.  As a result of the white fire hydrants, our Councillors and staff received an influx of phone calls and emails from the community wanting to know what was going on. One of our goals with this newsletter is to provide residents with answers to their questions before they are even asked.”

The newsletter is a result of the Town’s 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan. The plan identifies communications as one of the Town’s top priorities. The newsletter is just one of the many initiatives the Town has implemented in order to enhance communications amongst the Fort Erie community.  In January, the Town hired a dedicated Corporate Communications Coordinator.

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  • A great community service to keep everyone informed. Thank you for this!
    Louise M.


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