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A Time to Give Thanks Welland

Posted Oct 2nd, 2017 in Municipal, welland

A Time to Give Thanks Welland

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Welland Mayor Frank Campion's Monthly Message

When we were children Thanksgiving was a day of great food, family, and fun. As adults, we know there’s more to Thanksgiving than a great meal and time spent with family. A Thanksgiving feast calls for plenty of preparation, creativity, and perseverance. I’ve grown to be thankful because I’m able to see all the hard work and dedication put into one day.

Thanksgiving is similar to community. In order for a community to thrive, work, determination, and planning must be put into motion. Welland has always been rich with residents who love this city, and are dedicated to create a better place for us all to live in. Our volunteers are the backbone of our festivals and events and it shows through the smiling faces of all who came out to enjoy the free concerts, Canada Day, Big Movie Nights, Feast Street Niagara, and more.

The families who live and work in this city are hardworking genuine people and they always have been. Welland was built by people who cherish culture and respect the importance of family. Enjoy your community this Thanksgiving holiday.

We live in an amazing city with amazing people. Take advantage of everything your community has to offer. Stop in the Welland Farmers’ Market to get all your local Thanksgiving needs, and shake the hand of the farmer who feeds you. Take a stroll down beautiful Merritt Island or pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic near the water. I’m grateful to be a part of Welland and proud to be a member of this community. On behalf of Council, have a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend. 

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