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What a Weekend for Football in Niagara

Posted Jun 28th, 2018 in Sports and Recreation, Weather

What a Weekend for Football in Niagara

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Sunday June 24th results for Niagara Regional Minor Football 

Atom Division 

St Catharines Seahawks 30   West Niagara Steelers 0  Played in Smithville

Game Summary:

St. Catharines Seahawks:

Joshua Savoie 2TDs
Alexander Caizza TD
Ezekiel Langendoen TD
Nathan Vandermeer Fumble Recovery, TD
Jach Dolch Fumble Recovery
  Seahawks Outstanding Effort
Offence - Joshua Savoie
Defense - Nathan Vandermeer
Steelers Outstanding Effort
Offence - Matthew McDevitt
Defense - Connor Proulx, Emilio DiNardo

Niagara Falls Atom Lions 33   Fort Erie Atom Longhorns 31   Played in Niagara Falls

Lucas Panuci 2 TDs  1-2pt PAT
Marco Angelini 3 TDs 1-1pt PAT
Jordan Payne 4 TDs 
Gavin Vasquez 1 TD
Cameron Macrae 1 -1ptPAT

Peewee Divison West Niagara Steelers 26  Welland Tiger-Cats 6    Played in Smithville

Lucas Hazelton 3TDs
William McDevitt TD
Jayden Gurzi-MacDonald X-Pt Kick
 Outstanding Effort
Offence - Lucas Hazelton
Defense - David Robinson, Cole Haan
  Tiger-Cats scoring:
Sean Perry TD
 Outstanding Effort
Offence - Sean Perry
Defense - Tiger-Cats Defense

Fort Erie Longhorns 50  Niagara Falls Argos 14   Played in Niagara Falls

Longhorns Scoring:

Grant Spada 3TDs and 3-2pt PAT
Colin LaRoche 1 TD
Max Heron 3 TDs and 1-1pt PAT
Ryan Shultz 1-1pt PAT
Argos Scoring
Austin MacRae 2TDs
Carson Gauthier 1-2pt PAT

Bantam Division Fort Erie  Longhorns 44   Niagara Falls Argos 6    Played in Niagara Falls

Longhorns Scoring
 Kaiden Craft – 2 TD
 DJ Soso Jr – 1 TD & 1 interception
 Owen Lee – Interception
 Nole General – 1 TD, 1- 2PAT
 Lucas Smith - 1 TD
 Kody Macrae – 2 TD’s
 Thomas Mete – 1 fumble recovery
  Argos Scoring
 Nevan Smith – 1TD
Arden Martinez – 1 fumble recovery

West Niagara Falcons 12  Welland Tiger-Cats 7    Played in Smithville

 Falcons Scoring
Malachi Tempeny 2TDs
Christian Vandenberg 2 Fumble Recoveries
Nick Park Fumble Recovery
Ben Marois Fumble Recovery
Nicholas Longo TD Pass
Colton Kizlyk 1-PT Kick PAT
Outstandinf Effort
In a battle for every yard both Defences dominated.

Photo by Ed Telenko
Kody Macrea  On his way to 1 of 2 Touchdowns for Fort Erie Longhorns in Bantam action played in Niagara Falls on Sunday.

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