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St. John Ambulance launches its new 1-day, peer-to-peer mental health course

Posted Nov 20th, 2020 in Festivals and Events, Sports and Recreation, Ontario, family

St. John Ambulance launches its new 1-day, peer-to-peer mental health course

Mental Health & Wellness for the Workplace in classroom, as an instructor-led, offering. 

St. John Ambulance considers it everyone’s business to care about mental health and wellness in the workplace. As co-workers we are often in a position to recognize when someone is struggling. 

“Mental health injuries affect 1 in 5 Canadians in a given year,” says Shawn McLaren, Chief Learning Officer, St. John Ambulance Canada. “As a  First Aid leader, it is part of St. John Ambulance’s mission to focus on mental health in the workplace, to improve the health, safety and quality of life of Canadians at work, home and play. As incidences of COVID-19 continue to be diagnosed across the country, we knew it would be essential to provide this course as a virtual, instructor-led offering.” 

Other notable statistics: 

  • Mental health injuries typically account for 30 percent of disability claims and 70 percent of the total costs of disability claims; 
  • 35 million days are lost each year due to mental health injuries; 
  • $50 billion is lost in productivity each year due to mental health injuries in the Canadian labour force! 

To meet the needs of Canadian workplaces St. John Ambulance presents its new and exclusive mental health training program, entitled: 

Mental Health & Wellness for the Workplace 

  • Intended to equip employees to offer 
  • peer-to-peer support for a colleague who’s experiencing a mental health injury, this 
  • one-day course helps participants better recognize when and how to act if someone is in distress and guide that person to the appropriate help. Mental health-trained colleagues and managers are best placed to be the first to recognize the signs and symptoms 
    of mental health issues in their co-workers. 

This course addresses topics such as: 

  • Reducing stigma surrounding mental health injuries in the workplace; 
  • Providing participants with skills, comfort and knowledge to better identify someone in distress and feel empowered to take action to offer aid; 
  • Having difficult conversations with coworkers about mental health, suicidality, and trauma; 
  • Building healthy workplaces to aid in the prevention of mental health injuries. 

Instructors for this course are qualified to handle the sensitive, triggering issues that can emerge when discussing serious mental health issues. 

This course is currently being offered in-class on a monthly basis. Next course dates are Dec 3rd, Jan 15th, Feb 5th , and March 5th. 

Course cost is $145.00 per person. For more information contact Ken at 905 685 8964 x 203 or email 

About St. John Ambulance Canada 

St. John Ambulance is a humanitarian organization and is the foundation of the Order of St. John. The charity has operated in Canada since 1883 
with a mission to improve people’s health, safety, and quality of life, training over 500,000 students in Canada each year in first aid and CPR. Its volunteers also provide hundreds of thousands of hours of community service across Canada. All proceeds from 
training and product sales fund St. John Ambulance’s community services, in addition to generous support from donors. Learn more at 

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