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RECALL: Tinactin Aerosol Sprays

Posted Oct 6th, 2021 in canada, Health, Ontario, Recalls

RECALL: Tinactin Aerosol Sprays

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Three Tinactin aerosol sprays recalled for elevated levels of benzene. 


Bayer Inc. is recalling six lots (lot numbers beginning with TN) of Tinactin Aerosol Powder, Tinactin Chill Deodorant Powder Spray, and Tinactin Chill Liquid Spray due to elevated levels of benzene. Frequent and long-term exposure (e.g., through the skin and by inhalation) to elevated levels of benzene may pose serious health risks. Children may be more vulnerable to these risks.

Immediate signs of exposure to elevated levels of benzene include drowsiness, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, and headaches.

These sprays are antifungal products used for the treatment and prevention of athlete’s foot. They are available over-the-counter for use by adults, adolescents and children ages two years and older.

While there is no safe level of benzene, people can be exposed to benzene during everyday life by air (e.g., by inhaling car exhaust, second-hand tobacco smoke and industrial emissions), by swallowing benzene or by absorbing it through the skin (e.g., through contact with contaminated water). Long-term (over a year or more) and repeated exposure to elevated levels of benzene may lead to serious health effects, including various forms of cancer such as leukemia, anemia (low red blood cells), and bone marrow failure. These risks may increase when these products are used on children.

Health Canada is monitoring the company’s recall and implementation of any necessary corrective and preventive actions.

Affected Products

Tinactin Aerosol Powder 00576050 TN003J0 2/28/2022 068800181268
Tinactin Aerosol Powder 00576050 TN0057M 8/31/2022 068800181268
Tinactin Aerosol Powder 00576050 TN00798 2/28/2023 068800181268
Tinactin Chill Deodorant Powder Spray 02319276 TN00089 10/31/2021 056219135644
Tinactin Chill Deodorant Powder Spray 02319276 TN0053X 8/31/2022 056219135644
Tinactin Chill Liquid Spray 02319314 TN0044M 4/30/2023 056219134722

What you should do
Stop using the recalled products. Consult a health care professional if you have used any of these products and have health concerns.
Contact Bayer Inc. by calling 1-888-473-8012 or by emailing if you have questions or to request a refund.
Report any health product-related side effects or complaints to Health Canada.

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